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Job Search Toolkit


Are you feeling overwhelmed, uncertain, or frustrated by the job search process and doing your best to overcome the challenges of today's highly competitive job market?


If you are lacking confidence in your resume and cover letter, worried about getting noticed by employers amidst the sea of applicants, and feeling anxious about interviews and negotiations, we have just the solution for you.

The Ultimate Job Search Toolkit offers comprehensive support to address these concerns and empower job seekers to succeed.

Here's how it the Ultimate Job Search Toolkit will help you:

Document Preparation: Ensure your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile are finely crafted to position you perfectly for the jobs you desire, alleviating the stress of having to continuously revise and edit for each application.


Human Review & Increased Interview Invites: Increase your chances of having your application reviewed by a human, not just Applicant Tracking Systems, which can be reassuring for candidates who fear getting lost in automated processes.

Boost Your Confidence: With Amanda's proven mind transformation, confidence, and empowerment techniques, you'll gain the mental strength and clarity needed to navigate the job search journey with faith and resilience.


Personalized & Community Support: Receive personalized guidance and support beyond just branding through private, 1:1 sessions with a job search expert, Amanda Portillo. 

This tailored assistance addresses individual challenges and concerns, providing emotional reassurance and practical solutions.



ATS-Safe Resume:

Be equipped with a traditional, professional resume optimized to pass through Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) while effectively showcasing your skills, experiences, and achievements. Your resume will be tailored to target your desired industry and position.

Graphic Resume:

Enhance your visual presence with a visually appealing graphic resume. We will transform your traditional resume into an eye-catching document that captures attention and leaves a lasting impression (best used for networking, pinning to featured section in Linkedin profile, posting, emailing only)

Cover Letter:

Receive a customized cover letter tailored to specific jobs and/or industries. Your cover letter will effectively communicate your areas of expertise, qualifications, and fit for the position, increasing your chances of securing interviews.

LinkedIn Profile Optimization:

Maximize your professional online presence with a strategically optimized LinkedIn profile. We'll optimize your profile from top to bottom to attract recruiters and network effectively within your industry (includes professional bio and customized Linkedin banners).

1 x 60-Minute Private, Job Search Coaching Session:

Maximize the value of your investment with a personalized coaching session led by Amanda Portillo, a distinguished Job Search Strategist, Certified Career Coach, and Certified Professional Resume Writer. In addition to tailored guidance and expert insights, these sessions often feature supplementary training videos, resources, and actionable homework assignments aimed at reinforcing key takeaways from each session.

Choose from the following topics:

  • Mindset Transformation & Confidence Building

  • Goal Setting, Vision Establishment, and Time Management

  • Gaining Career Clarity / Pinpointing Target

  • Developing a Customized Job Search Strategy to Align with Your Specific Career/Job Search Goals

  • Understanding the power of knowing and amplifying your personal and professional brand

  • Interview Prep and Mastery

  • Offer Evaluation and Negotiating Offers with Confidence


Training Video on Resume Tweaks:

Empower yourself with our Training Video on how to make tweaks to your resume to fit additional jobs. In this brief training, you'll learn simple ways to customize your resume for various job opportunities. From tailoring your skills and experience to crafting a compelling professional summary, our expert guidance will help you optimize your resume quickly.


Additional Options:

Add more 1:1 time with Amanda to address ongoing challenges, refine your job search strategy, or receive continuous support and guidance throughout your job search journey.

Setting you up for job search success

  • Put your trust in the hands of a former Talent Aquisition/HR Professional turned Certified Professional Resume Writer. Amanda has been writing resumes professional since 2010 and has helped hundreds of people advance in their careers since launching her business in early 2019.

  • Equipped yourself with the necessary branding items and support you need to stand out in today’s highly competitive job market.

  • Ensure your documents (resume, cover letter, and Linkedin profile) position you perfectly for the jobs you want and are qualified for.

  • Save yourself a ton of time by knowing that your documents are ready to go for the jobs awaiting you – no need to second-guess or make numerous changes for each application.

  • Increase your chances of your application being reviewed by an actually human and not just Applicant Tracking Systems.

  • Provide you with customized support to address additional challenges or concerns aside from your branding through private, 1:1 sessions with a job search expert, Amanda Portillo


Enroll now!


Interested but not ready to enroll? 

No problem! Schedule a complimentary consultation with Amanda to see if this program is right for you!

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