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The worst sales advice I ever received!

Curious to know what was the worst of advice that I received in my early days of entrepreneurship?

Believe it or not, the advice was from a business coach that I paid $16,000 for

I look back with disbelief that I was naïve enough to actually believe her.

She said that if someone doesn’t say yes to your right there on a sales call, then they will never hire you.

Now that I’ve matured and gained more experience running my businesses, I found out that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Whether it is my career + business coaching, our painting company, even here in BIZZY, most people don’t say yes right away.

Sure, I’ve had some clients that hired me right away, but I have also had many clients that he didn’t hire me months later.

And the ones that usually hire me is due to a relationship fostered over time.

This helps them to trust me and feel less pressure to make a quick decision because what I sell, often is something people really need to think about.

That’s why I am really looking forward to our training today where we will discuss how to attract your ideal client with a lead magnet but to be honest, it’s really not about getting leads quickly.

It’s about setting yourself up so that you are cultivating a relationship with your client for the long term.

Bottom line, if somebody says no to your services, that doesn’t mean that they won’t hire you in the future or refer somebody else to you.

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