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Specializing in guiding burnt-out or unfulfilled professionals to landing fulfilling positions by equipping them with confidence, clarity, and the right strategy to succeed in today's competitive job market.

Additionally, helping professionals quit their jobs and build thriving service-based businesses.


No matter where you look, you can find the latest and greatest tips to crack the code to the job search or starting a successful business.  

But advancing to the next level of your professional life, whether landing a job or becoming a business owner, is deeply personal and the success we attract must start from within.


What do I mean? Well, we can read all the books, implement all the strategies, have the best resumes and websites (you get the point), but if we are not clear on what we truly want nor feel deserving if it, none of it will work or it will lead us to the wrong career destination.


If you are feeling burnout, unfulfilled, lost, or stuck in your professional life (or maybe all of the above), let this be a sign that you are in the right place!

Here's how I can help...


Meet Amanda Portillo

Certified Career Coach, Certified Professional Resume Writer, Former Talent Aquisition Professional, Start-up Sidekick, Personal Development Junkie, Mom

I'd like to think I am not your typical career coach, and maybe that is the reason why so many of my clients' lives have changed as a result of working together.

Back in 2018, I was sick and tired of continuing to land "great jobs", but at a certain point, felt unfulfilled and burnt out. I was hoping the next job would save me and it never did.

Once I was willing to do the inner work need to figure out what the heck was wrong with me, I discovered my truth. I wanted to build a business to help others take the right steps to build fulfilling careers that didn't just aligned with their career goals, but their desired lifestyle too.

Not only have I found career fulfillment, 5 years later, I have helped hundreds of job seekers and aspiring business owners find theirs too!

Here's what I stand for:

  • I believe job search or business success starts from within. Without the right mindset + confidence, the tips, strategies, and marketing materials can only get us so far.  

  • I believe that gaining clarity on our desired lifestyle is just as important as defining our career goals because our jobs and businesses should complement our personal lives (not just our professional ones).

  • I believe as our lives change, our career values will shift, pulling us a new direction, and that is OK! With the right mindset, strategy, and persistence, we can make BIG career changes.

  • I believe that getting ahead in our professional lives requires a multi-pronged strategy, opposed to one method. For job seekers, that often looks like applying to jobs online and for new business owners, developing a website. Together, we will change this!

  • I believe life is too short to be miserable in our professional lives and that no one deserves to put off peace and happiness until retirement.

Don't get me wrong, I will equip you with the right tools and strategies to get ahead from a technical standpoint. But the real magic stems from getting to the root cause of what is holding you back, often self-sabotaging behaviors, limiting thoughts and beliefs, lack of confidence, and overwhelm.

Are you ready to take the first step towards transforming your professional life? Let's chat!


Joseph Orihel, Solutions Architect at Amplify

Two years ago, I realized it was time to find a new job. Fast forward to today. I didn’t know I could ever truly love a job, but I wake up every day excited to start work for a company that highly values a work-life balance and cares about my mental health. None of this would have been possible without the Job Offer Accelerator. It’s worth every penny to work with someone who’s as passionate in getting you there as you are. If you’re looking for the next big advancement in your career, make sure you do it with Amanda Portillo.

These results are possible for you


Suzanne Hewett, Product Management & Consumer Marketing Professional

Prior to signing on to the Job Offer Accelerator, was quite unclear of where I was going . As a result of the program, I've landed a position with a major retailer in the cosmetics category, a perfect culmination of my skills, my experiences and my passion. I had one other job offer that I turned down, and several other interviews lined up prior to accepting my job. Amanda's ability to showcase your skills and present you to be relevant in the job marketplace is her forte. I highly recommend her and the program. =


Kori O'Hara, Founder of Untapped Coffee Co

When I decided to start a business, I was struggling with where to begin, what to prioritize, and afraid of making mistakes.


By following her step by step program, I was able to overcome many challenges that I originally had no insight on.


My confidence has skyrocketed and my ability to set and execute goals has improved.


I would highly recommend Amanda if you are looking to start a business.

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